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Optional patterns

Much has been said about Java 8 and about the way it will change the way we design applications and APIs. Of course the fisrt big thing is lambda expressions, followed by the Stream API.

Another element was introduced, the final class Optional, which also changes the way we can write API and applications, leading us to better and more fluent patterns. The purpose of this article is to detail the concept of optional, and show the available patterns to use optionals efficiently and elegantly. There are very powerful and very elegant way to mix optionals and streams, the aim of this article is to describe those patterns.

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A week in Devoxx

Infinite possibilitiesWhat really stricked me in Devoxx this year is the real momentum around Java 8. I cannot remember any version of Java that arrived with such enthousiasm. All the Java SE 8 talks were packed, the “Ask the expert panel” was packed, and the prospective talk by Brian Goetz was packed too. Java developers want to get to know Java 8 better, want to learn about the new patterns built on lambdas and streams, and they also want to know what lies ahead for us.

And indeed, Java 9 is already around the corner, there are already preview versions available, with already new things implemented.

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