Java 8 and Streams at Devoxx

Devoxx is running nicely so far, with many people and lots of very interesting topics. We saw cool news about the future of Java. First from Paul Sandoz (@PaulSandoz) about the project Jigsaw. This one could look like old stuff, but it seems it’s going to make it in Java 9, with some nice features. And second from Brian Goetz (@BrianGoetz) about projects Valhalla and Panama. Only speculations in these, with of course no release dates, but really exciting features too.

One of the great announcement from Stephan this morning is the release of new stuff in Parleys. Parleys is the platform on which all the content from the different versions of Devoxx and so many other conferences, including JavaOne, is published. With about 3500 talks, I think it must be the top platform for us Java developers. And so now, Parleys is also publishing online courses. A few have already been published, and more will be coming in the next few months of course.

I also made my University talk, about Java 8, the Stream API and Collectors. Here are the slides. The code is here: